Entegrale cables are researched and designed in Denmark, the world's centre for excellence in audio and video technology. Blending the highest levels of technology with state-of-the-art manufacturing and build quality provides long lasting cables that deliver cutting edge quality - far beyond HDMI 2.0 and 1.4 standards. Our advanced design, testing and manufacturing processes have successfully overcome the challenges of evolving specifications and fast paced quality manufacturing.

Entegrale World Class HDMI and Connectivity Solutions is proud to be among the world's first DPL Labs 4K, 18GBPS, Deep Color certified line of cables. Our highly advanced in-house standards for data transmission speed and materials ensured even our inaugural line passed the world's most stringent test bench at DPL Labs on our first attempt.

Meet the Team

Tony E. Clausen


Tony E. Clausen comes from a pro audio background both in recording and reproduction. In the late 90´s he was a part of the successful Danish digital audio processing company TC Electronics. He established sales & distribution offices across Europe and Latin America, as well as leading the sales & marketing activities locally in 12 European countries.

From 2001 to 2006 he was Sales and marketing manager for the high end Danish loudspeaker company DALI. He and his team grew the International DALI business with huge success. He single handedly established sales & marketing offices in the United Kingdom & USA, and grew the distribution network across the globe. Tony lead DALI´s launch of Ikon, Mentor and Helicon series loudspeakers all of which he also named.

Since 2006 he has worked with high end luxury yachts, marketing agencies and is now runs his own consulting company The SalesPilots with activities in Denmark & the United Kingdom.

Tony is a published author with his book “the reality of sales”. He also works as an independent consultant for international companies such as Carlsberg, Randstand and KPMG.

Gary Vlaeminck

Director, Sales

Gary Vlaeminck is a dynamic and respected 20-year professional in international sales.

As Director of international sales, Gary draws on experience leading teams at Liberty AV Solutions for nearly 5 years where he was responsible for an international team. He was also the key support of US-based national accounts within their respective international offices and affiliated groups.

Gary gathered his initial industry expertise with audio specialist SpeakerCraft and lighting automation giant Lutron.

He has also successfully launched three separate product families during his time at SpeakerCraft. Gary has proven his expertise at supply chain management by setting up regional warehousing and strategic distribution centers for scale efficiencies.